The Evolution of GPS Tracking Device Technology

As GPS technology has become more main stream and accessible to consumers, the variety of GPS enable devices has also increased at an incredible rate. Most of us know someone with GPS in their car or we own a unit ourselves. As the technology gets more advanced even smaller and more versatile, handheld portable GPS devices are becoming increasingly popular.



Portable GPS systems for serious use

GPS technology is being used more and more each day for business matters and emergency use. Many of us already own GPS enabled cell phones. Emergency 911 operators can now pinpoint the caller in distress by locating their GPS cell phone. GPS cell phones report their location at all times they are turned on.

For businesses, PDA’s can be used by delivery, sales and repair personnel to find their way and also have their positions tracked by the head office. There is time saving software which will plan the route for a delivery run based on the location of their drop-off points for the day. Surveyors use specialized GPS equipment to plan roads, and map out fields. Locating and re-locating survey markers and boundaries is also made much easier with GPS.

Laptop computers can easily be turned into PDA receivers or trackers with the addition of USB plug in devices and software. The possible uses really are limitless.

Using your portable GPS for fun

The accessibility of this million dollar technology to the general population has of course, opened up new recreational uses. As well as tracking your own location, you can use GPS to track other people’s and or objects locations.

Geocaching is a type of hi-tech treasure hunt. A small item with a GPS transmitter is hidden, and then hunters with GPS devices compete to find it.

GPS enabled watches, cameras, pet collars all provide interesting applications to this technology. The cameras can imprint a precise geographical location on photos taken so you can re-locate that position easily. For pets who stray, what easier way than logging into a website to locate them. Some of these pet collars can even send messages to cell phones with Fido’s location. If you are attending a large event and are separated from the main group, you could use GPS to hone in on a GPS watch signal to find them.

These are just a few instances of GPS technology and what it can do for you. The possibilities really are endless. Wherever it leads us, we will be able to track it!