The Differences Of The Various IPod Covers

What exactly are iPod socks, iPod covers and iPod cases? And more importantly what is the difference between them? Well, to begin with, it should be noted that all of these do basically the same job. They protect your iPod from harm and from becoming dirt encrusted. The differences between them, lies more in the way they protect your iPod than in anything else.
These differences of the various iPod covers, cases and socks, also depends on the material which they are made with, and the purpose for which they are made. It’s all well and good to say that an iPod sock will protect your iPod, but to what extent does the sock protect your iPod?


Can these stand the forces of being bashed about in someone’s case or handbag, and can it stand the pressure of being subjected to a fall from a six foot height. What about if your young niece decides she likes the color of the sock and the fact that it clearly has something inside it, and decides to bash it out to see if it will play with her?
Questions, questions, so many questions, but all of these must be answered, and taken into account when you’re going shopping for iPod covers, cases or socks. These are what your decision hinges on along with your own personal requirements for protecting your iPod.
Some things like the iPod socks for instance can be taken at an immediate glance to be exactly what it is: a fashionable cover for your iPod which also protects it from dirt, from scratches and to a large extent from being stuffed inside your case! But if you want something that does a lot more than that, then you’re going to need to decide on this beforehand.
You’re going to want to look at iPod covers or cases that can protect your iPod from accidental droppings from a largish height, and iPod covers that can withstand some small bit of impact at least, to protect it from the vagaries of a curious and highly mischievous four year old.
You’ll also want to inspect iPod covers and cases that will protect your iPod’s screen from accidental scratching and cracking, as well as from being sat upon when you forget you left your case (with your iPod of course), lying around on the sofa!
Then you have the choices to make of what type of design you’re looking for. For instance you will be able to find both iPod covers and cases in many stylish designs. You can buy these iPod covers in various shades and designs to change as you see fit, or you can stick with one case or cover for your iPod. Whatever you decide on though, make sure that you get the casing type that you need to protect your iPod.

The Advantages of Turbochargers over Superchargers

When you are looking to add that extra boost of power to your engine, whether it’s a muscle car or a tractor, you want to make sure that you explore all of the alternatives. Both turbochargers and superchargers have their advocates, but let’s focus on turbochargers and the advantages they have over superchargers. What is a charger? Both superchargers and turbochargers add extra horse power to an engine through the compression of air in the cylinder.


Compressed air is forced into the engine, and this leaves room for more gas to explode in the cylinder, adding power to the engine. The difference between superchargers and turbochargers is that superchargers are powered by a belt driven by the engine itself, while turbochargers use exhaust gases to power a turbine wheel which supplies the boost. The Advantages of a Turbocharger Waste not, want not. Because turbochargers are driven by exhaust gases, they actually using emissions produced by the engine that would otherwise just go to waste in the atmosphere. Engine wear. Superchargers depend on the engine to produce the power they need to add the extra boost, but turbochargers are strictly exhaust driven. The extra boost that a turbocharger provides is therefore calculated without any loss to drive the charger itself; superchargers use some of the boost they provide just to run themselves. Efficiency. The turbine wheel and a shaft connecting it to the engine are all the hardware that a turbocharger uses. A supercharger, on the other hand, needs pulleys, belts, and gears to run. The amount of friction created by this extra material and the added weight may make a difference in performance. More Power? A turbocharger will produce more power at lower RPMs than a supercharger. A regulator built inside the charger opens the waste gate, which gets rid of any extra pressure and enhances the performance. The waste gate typically has opened at between 2000 and 2500 RPMs. Improvements are also creating larger waste gates. In any event, turbochargers will give greater boost to the engine on paper, although there is traditionally concern about lag. One of the last factors to consider in your decision is cost. Turbochargers cost less than superchargers, and they are also easier and less expensive to repair due to simpler engineering. Continued advancements in turbocharger technology have addressed concerns such as throttle performance due to lag, making the turbocharger the better performer all around.

The 12 in 1 SIM CARD is one of the Hottest GSM Mobile Phone Products on Internet Lately.

Technological advance with the times, carry out 2-3 mobile phones era has gone forever! You can have a more “relaxed” mobile phone!
SIM-MAX 12in1 is Here. 12 in 1 SIM CARD is one of the hottest Products on internet lately. Its magic power can integrate 12 different GSM 900/1800/1900 COMP128v1 and V1+ SIM cards onto one multi-number SIM card. With this money saver product, you will be the smartest person when traveling different countries.


Also called multi SIM card can integrate the most frequently used mobile numbers from different areas, countries or different networks numbers (up to 12 numbers) in just one SIM card. Works with the 98% of Worldwide SIM Cards. When you need to switch your number to another, just use your finger to press few buttons. The number can be switched into another on line and without powering off and on. It is powerful for business people who often travel around the world, and young people who love to show their recognition and uniqueness.
Do you know that the greatest gift is what people carry with them everywhere? Nowadays the mobile phones are the gadgets of the millenium and the gadgets of the future! So, if you are looking for great gift ideas for Birthday or for any other special event, holyday or feast, don’t look anymore!
Who are suitable to use it?
* Clever users: the preferential charges within a system can save you 40-45% telecommunication costs.
* Business persons: the business persons and tourist who usually travel between Countries
* Fashionable users: it represents fashions and loved by the in-youths that love fashion and cool.
* CEOs: one mobile phone in two systems, it is receiving forever.
* White collar persons: separate business and privacy, change card after work to prevent disturbing.
* Public administrators: can keep secret while without losing courtesy.
* Vehicle fans: share one card in their vehicles without holding the mobile phone.
* Other users: the persons who put emphases on keeping privacy and likes to take calls selectively.
It is common for businessman to have two or three cards, but is troublesome to exchange these cards. If you have this Multi Sim, all your SIM cards can be integrated into one card and by STK, your number can be switched quickly without turning the mobile phone off.
When you use the non-hold mobile phone device in Benzes or other high-grade imported cars, you need to remove SIM card from your mobile phone and insert it into the NOKIA 6150/6210 in your car, so it is troublesome. The reproducer of the mobile phone number is specially designed for these customers with special requirements. You can reproduce (sim cloning) a same mobile phone number and put it in your car while you can use the other one in your mobile phone, thus it brings you conveniences and save your cost.
The introduction of Taiwan’s hi-tech goods is wisdom IC Cards may be different number of mobile phones ( Including movement and interchange of Sim Card ) With a copy card to use the card all the telephone directory of all information and sms; And may designate Sim Any 1st card numbers used as a switch on the machine, the original card can still be used to retain all the information.
Now, one card can hold 12 mobile numbers. You can enjoy your life on your fingers…

The 6 gadgets you need for your Treo 650 and 700

I love my Treo 650 and my Treo 700. I feel like I’m never away from being connected to my office, and my business. But this access comes at a price, the Treo retails at about $400 right now, and the pay plan is more expensive with most providers because of the additional features. So how do you maximize your usage, and protect this tool? With cool gadgets. Here are my 6 favorite Treo gadgets.


images (3)
If you cant read your Treo 650 or 700 screen, your not going to be very connected are you? So, grab your self some screen protectors at any hi fi gadget store. These cheap plastic anti-scratch sheets will keep your Treo screen looking crisp and sharp.
You gotta have juice for your Treo 650 or Treo 700, because it doesnt have a hamster wheel inside it. That baby runs on Lithium Ion batteries, and altho they can take “top off” charging, it’s a good idea to have a backup on hand. Especially for more than moderate use.
And when charging up your Treo 650 or 700, where can you get your juice? With a combo USB Cable/Car Charger, you’ve just opened up your mobility options. Charge it up with your car, or at any computer with a USB port, and you just got your self more Treo time.
The Treo 650 and treo 700 allow for SD cards, or Secure Digital Cards. These cards are used for storage, and can go up to 2 gigs, at this articles writing. That’s 2 gigs!! You can backup nearly ALL your essential data on your laptop with that sucker. Who needs a thumbdrive?
Ever dropped your Treo 650 or tre0 700? Imagine all the things that could pop or snap inside of there. Ugh. There are many treo cases that combine style and sturdiness to make your Treo “nigh invulnerable”. If you spend $400 for this technological marvel, another 30 to protect it from going to the scrap heap is some cha-ching well spent.
Because the Treo 650 and 700 screens are so big, and face your ear when you talk on it, you can get lots of smudges on it, making your screen as blurry as your vision after your 6th martini at happy hour. Some people fight this by trying to hold thier treo ever so slightly away from thier head, but eventually, on long conversations, shoulder fatigue sets in. So don’t fight it anymore, get yourself a bluetooth headset. Yes, some headsets look like they were was designed at a Trekkie convention, but practically speaking, you can’t beat it. If you get any wierd looks while talking, just make the sign and say “Live long and prosper”.

The 3m Clear Bra – A Car-Lover’s Dream Come True

The 3m clear bra is a wonderful invention for any car-lover who treats his prized possession like a true friend. A mans best friend is not always the family dog. Sometimes a car can take the place of a great pet and nothing hurts more than seeing that first scratch or dent on your favorite automobile. However, traditional protective bras are not the most attractive option for car owners who want to protect their investments.


The trouble with the traditional protective covering is simply due to the fact that it literally covers the magnificent machine. No real car lover wants to hide his prized automobile under an ugly rubbery surface. It doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on the perfect finish only to cover it up with a protective layer. Unfortunately, many car owners had no other choice, either carelessly letting the car suffer with chips and scrapes or grumpily hiding the beautiful finish.
No more such dilemma. A car lover can now choose a 3m clear bra that protects the car by creating a transparent barrier between the cars finish and the natural destructive elements. The 3m clear bra is simply a protective film that is literally painted over the cars exterior. This product is commonly used on trucks, cars and vans of vehicle owners who cringe at the thought of a pebble getting near their priceless object.
The 3m clear bra is also used to protect headlights as well. The protective layer is commonly applied to the front of the vehicle and on the lenses of the headlights. The beauty of this material is that it is virtually undetectable. The original design of the vehicle is not changed in any way. The owner has the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the car is protected while having the luxury of enjoying his vehicle in its original state.
Some may wonder if the product is really as effective as the traditional protective cover. The 3m clear bra will protect the vehicle from chipping. The material was originally designed to be used on aircraft propellers to protect them from chipping. Surely the material will be effective at preventing chipping on vehicles as well.
Another concern is the quality of the clarity of the 3m clear bra. How clear is it, really? The manufacturer of the product boasts that the material is virtually undetectable unless the vehicle is very white in color. The clear coat is slightly visible on a stark white car when very close but it is not detectable from a distance. You will see a faint line where the 3m clear bra stops but that is better than an ugly bug shield or paint chips.

Television: Getting the Big (and Better) Picture

Television viewing has certainly changed over the years. From black and white to color in the early days, to the ever increasing size of screens more recently, the home viewing experience is improving. The more recent quest has been focused on increasing picture quality with better color accuracy and clarity. As a consumer, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the terminology and the features of the various types of televisions. For those who have not dedicated time to keep up with this changing world of television, a very brief overview is in order to help in the search for a great picture.


The first step in getting the best possible picture is to receive the best possible signal, which at this time is digital. Satellite TV and digital cable offer the majority of digital television out there at this time. However, changes in broadcasting are forthcoming as all major networks should discontinue broadcasting analog signals and convert completely to digital by February 2009. Digital signals offer many advantages but the most obvious result will be a higher quality picture (and sound). With this change, owning an HDTV set would be of benefit although owners of analog sets will probably be able to purchase inexpensive converter boxes to be able to view the digital signals. Of course, if users want the full picture such as what they see in movie theaters, they will need a “wide screen” with 16: 9 aspect ratio versus the 4: 3 aspect ratio seen in most traditional sets.
Secondly, a few words about HDTV are in order. HDTV is one form of digital television. It transmits six times more information than you get through analog TV. This gives the viewer stunning pictures with far greater detail, clarity, and color accuracy. An HDTV is capable of displaying resolution of 480i, 480p, 720i, 480p, 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p. The “i” means that the signal is displayed on the screen “interlaced” and the “p” means that it is displayed by progressive scan. Progressive scan generally produces a higher quality picture. The highest quality signal a conventional TV offers is 480i, but this is the lowest quality signal for an HDTV. Potential buyers seeking the best possible picture should accept no less that 720p.
Numerous technologies such as plasma, LCD, and DLP provide displays with outstanding color accuracy, contrast, depth, and clarity. All have a good life span, dependability, and work well in most environments. The choice is primarily based on personal preferences although plasma screens are not recommended for locations at altitudes over 6, 500 feet. Plasma tends to offer the largest of screens and is somewhat less expensive than LCD screens of the same size. LCD screens on the other hand emit less heat and use less energy.
Obviously there are many options for getting an outstanding picture to enhance the viewing experience. As there are a number of great technologies, the type of display is less important than getting a digital signal and a set that can both receive the full high definition image and display it with the best possible resolution.

Technology & Business Expansion: Matching Your Data Systems to the Business Growth Needs of Tomorrow

Fueling the high growth rate for Retailers, Manufacturers and Distributors is a flurry of mergers and acquisitions. In today’s world of mergers and acquisitions, and heavy usage of the Web, companies are facing a new reality. Software that meets the company’s needs now will not be effective after a new acquisition takes place, or if sales substantially increase as a result of using the Web.


images (1)

While meeting with a prospective client — a CEO of a large cleaning supply company — about purchasing new software, he told me that he was planning to grow his business by end of the year from 300 million to 500 million dollars by acquiring competitors he was negotiating with. When I asked him how he planned to integrate his company’s software with the new companies he was planning to acquire, his response was: “You hit the nail on its head. The software we are using cannot support our future acquisition plans. We will have to let the companies we plan to acquire keep using their current software until we find software that can meet our new needs. Not having the right software will result in a substantial increase of our operating cost. The unfortunate part is that we did not have the foresight to think ahead of the fact that our current software would not be able to support our acquisition plans. Nobody expected that we would grow at this rate and now we have to pay the price. ”

Here are 4 unforeseen business disruptions that are likely to happen when your business environment changes:

1. Quite often companies engaged in e-commerce, experience an unexpectedly high volume of sales’ transactions that the current software cannot handle efficiently, resulting in the need for additional labor and excessive operating costs.

2. Frequently, the current software cannot provide the desired analytical information needed, resulting in the downloading of large amounts of data to spread sheets and more complex data manipulation to get the needed reports.

3. When mergers and acquisitions take place, the number of users along with the transaction volume will substantially increase, resulting in the possibility that the current computer system will not be able to handle this sudden change.

4. The acquired company might not have the same business practices as the company doing the takeover, resulting in the possibility that the current software may not be able to handle the new business demands. This can result in multiple software platforms being used creating higher operating costs and additional complexities in the computer infrastructure.

When planning future expansion, steps should be taken to ensure smooth business growth.

Software effectiveness evaluations should be performed the same way as evaluating old equipment in a factory. When evaluating the current software functions, the focus should not be on how well the software meets the business needs today, but whether it can meet the business growth of tomorrow when the company moves to the “next level. ” In today’s business reality, which is changing at lighting speed, lack of planning can be a very costly proposition.

Nobody likes change, but not facing the fact that a company’s current software is outdated can result in substantial business disruptions and expenses down the road. The question that should always be asked is: “if the business reality changes drastically resulting in an unexpectedly large amount of new users or volume of data transactions, could the current software be able handle it? “

Tearing Up the Tracks: The Down Side of Digital Phone Service

Railroad service has been pretty much nonexistent in southwestern New Hampshire for decades as the automobile has replaced passenger service and eighteen-wheel tractor trailers have taken over most of the distribution of consumer goods.


images (10)
About fifteen years ago someone, probably lusting after the copper content of the rails, tore up the tracks in the region. Almost no one noticed; snowmobile buffs welcomed the new trails, cyclists turned some of them into bike paths, and nobody else seemed to miss them or even realize that they were gone. Problem is, nobody remembered the region’s history, either.
In 1938, long before satellite warning systems warned people of threatening weather conditions, a sudden, major hurricane devastated the state’s Cheshire County. Acres upon acres of trees were uprooted and the roads and railways blocked by tree roots over twenty feet high, cutting the county off from the rest of the world. And the railroad cut through the debris first, clearing its tracks to provide the first access to the region from the outside. Considering this history, it seemed shortsighted to tear up the tracks.
What does any of this have to do with digital phone service?
It’s this: Digital phone service is being pushed aggressively by cable and satellite TV providers as part of a new bundling concept. The consumer gets to buy TV programming, Internet access, and digital phone service, presumably for substantial savings over the services if purchased separately.
Problem is, if the electrical power goes out, so does the phone service. While Verizon and other phone companies provide back-up power for their phone customers, cable and satellite TV companies do not. That means if for some reason a natural disaster or other problem causes a widespread power outage, there’s no calling friends and family to find out if they’re okay, no calling out to see if stores and other facilities are open and no 9-1-1. Your ability to get emergency services if you need them is gone.
Of course, the cable and satellite companies have to inform you of this, and they do; just read the extremely fine print at the bottom of that colorful ad they send you periodically.
In choosing digital phone service over the current system, we’re tearing up our telecommunications tracks with the encouragement of the federal government, who is pushing these changes along with digital TV programming. We need to be careful as we embrace the benefits of the newest technology that we don’t lose the safety net provided by the dual power infrastructure currently in use by our electrical and phone utilities. We need to insist that these digital phone services include back-up power that can be accessed by a traditional landline phone, so that in an emergency, we have at least some chance of communicating and getting the help we need.

Taking a peek at Samsung 47 HDTV’s

Of all the companies that make HDTV’s, Samsung might be the best combination of reliable manufacturing and low price, and while most people would agree that Sony is better quality and that companies like Vizio are cheaper, you know when you buy a product like a Samsung 47 HDTV that you’ll get a reliable product with top notch customer service, as well as a decent price that won’t put you in the poor house.


While Samsung doesn’t make a 47-inch HDTV, they do make three different 46-inch sets. The first, the Samsung LN-S4696D is a great looking set for a reasonable price. currently has this model on sale for $2800, down almost a thousand dollars from the original list price. If you’ve waited to get a nice Samsung 47 HDTV, this would be a good time to go pick this model up since it is so reduced in price.
Another 46-inch Samsung set, the LN-S4695D is also an extremely nice set. It comes with a fantastic 6000: 1 contrast ratio that is sure to make everything you watch look as sharp as possible. This unit is currently selling for $2, 449 from J & R, a reliable retailer of electronics. This set is also marked down heavily so if you’re looking to buy a set now, this would be a good choice.
The final 46-inch set that Samsung sells is the LN-S4692D. It has a 5000: 1 contrast ratio, and while it isn’t as sharp as the set listed above, it is still a top of the line unit that would look great in any home. This set retails for around $2, 049 on and it currently qualifies for free shipping, making this a great buy. Even if you were to get it from your local store, in most cases, they will not ship it to your home for free and sometimes the shipping cost can be outrageous.
While you can’t buy a Samsung 47 HDTV, there are three other options that are very close. You have three different 46-inch HDTV’s that fall in three different price ranges.

Tablet PCs – No Longer A Failure

A tablet PC is a refined and mechanized version of what the Egyptians used to write on clay tablets with a writing stick. Tablet PC has replaced the clay tablet with a screen and the writing stick with a stylus. The main advantage of using a PC Tablet whose idea was conceived by Alan Kay of Xerox, is of portability, with the size they offer it makes ultra convenient for a person to actually carry with himself!!


images (23)
First ever tablet PC to hit the market was Newton of Apple Computers.. They come in various sizes like 8. 5 inch, 10 inch and 14 inch. As this is compact device the hardware is minimal which consists of a slim touch screen, stylus, optional wireless keyboard and mouse. In this type of computers the data input is not through the traditional mouse and keyboard but through a stylus or a virtual keyboard on the screen. It also has the facility of data input through wireless keyboard and mouse. The stylus which is used to write directly/tap on the screen or fingers are used to input data through the touch screen makes it really very convenient for the user to enter some information to Tablet PC. What makes Tablet PC screen respond to stylus is that there is a magnetic field over the screen which interacts with the stylus electronics, hence the user can rest his hands on the screen without altering the image and only stylus movement affects the screen.
Moreover users who are not comfortable with keyboards find stylus more friendly, they do not butt in line of sight as they are kept on the table and are helpful in meetings and are handheld so can be used in giving presentation while standing up.
Many varieties of Tablet PC’s are floating in the market like slates, convertibles and hybrids. Slates are having the minimum of all, just the screen and the stylus. A slate is termed to be convertible when it is attached with a keyboard. The Hybrid version has a detachable keyboard so that it can be used both as a slate or a convertible.
Software’s that are prevalent in Tablet PCs are handwriting recognition software, speech recognition software, shorthand entry software, virtual keyboard etc. Various companies like Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba Fujitsu, HP, Gateway, Compaq, Motion, NEC etc are manufacturing Tablet PCs
Now the question arises, that portability which a major plus point in Tablet PC, then why it was not a success, answer lies in its cost. Due to high initial prices it could not attract huge customer base but with lowered cost and also with the advancement in battery technology, handwriting recognition software, wireless internet access, larger memory, better screen resolution they are being accepted as commercially viable option. Tablet PCs are bound to replace the notebook & pen and future books, magazines, newspapers.
Certainly the tablet PC may be considered the pen and notebook of the future.