Owning an Active Website

As a nation Bangladesh has already accepted the pros and cons of internet. It is high time that we, as a nation educate ourselves on the critical aspects of affairs related to internet and website. There are a lot of things to know about web hosting, SEO services, web designing and a lot more. Let us take a look at the process of owning a website.

Web designing

The first thing is to design and develop a website which would help you to perform the tasks you wish to perform through your website. For web design Bangladesh based site owners are heavily dependent on the freelance web designers who would work on your site on a project basis. If you are lucky you will get a good developer but in most cases you are likely to get below par services. The local web hosting companies generally offer web designing services and it is always safe to get it done by them as they have a business and are accountable for the quality of service.


Once you have the website ready and have purchased domain name for the site, it is time for you to get hold of a good web hosting service. For web hosting Bangladesh based site owners are now turning to the local web hosting companies. These companies are working very hard to ensure the clients have top notch web hosting services. Though these companies have a long way to go before they can provide world class web hosting services to the clients, they have come a long way in improving the standard of services since the time of the inception of this industry in Bangladesh.

Once you have done all these your site will go live on the internet and the success of the site would depend on the quality of all of these factors mentioned above.

2. Gain An Edge Over Your Competitors By Implementing LINK Building Services

If you want your site to gain online popularity rapidly what is essential is that you implement the right SEO techniques. There are many SEO techniques that are used to improve a site’s ranking, but one which is most popular is link building. This is a technique which brings one way links or two way links to a site, which in turn attracts a large volume of traffic to the site. This method is very effective in helping a company to reach out to its target audience through the internet.

How Can Link Building Boost Your Site’s Popularity?

Link building can rapidly bring positive results to your online business. Link Building is an effective SEO technique which will drive quality traffic to your site. By implementing this strategy your website will gain good page ranks and online virility. Here is a look at the benefits of taking up link building services:

  • Your site will arrive on top of search engine results which will drive a lot of traffic to it
  • Your business will enhance rapidly and this will bring a lot of customers to your site
  • Your sales figures and online profits will increase tremendously
  • Your brand image will enhance which will popularize your products and services
  • It enables your company to reach out to a huge global audience without spending much

There are various types of link building services such as one-way link building, reciprocal link building, press release link building, article link building, blog link building and much more.  Each of these techniques aims to bring quality links to your site so that its rankings enhance and it attracts quality traffic that will convert into sales figures.

Link building offers a lot of benefits over other search engine optimization techniques. It can tremendously boost a site’s online visibility. This is because it establishes high quality link to your site from various internet sources. As a result, search engine spiders quickly find your site and bring it on top of search engine results during user searches. This feature drives a lot of quality traffic to your website. You site is able to effectively reach out to your target audience in a short while. The results brought about by link building is far more effect than traditional marketing methods.

You can get the best benefits of implementing link building by opting for this service from a reputable SEO Company. A company offering expert SEO services will bring out positive results in implementing SEO and will popularize your brand in a short while using various SEO techniques. Companies offering expert SEO services make use of advanced and latest SEO techniques. They will implement only white hat SEO techniques which will ensure that the link building process is recognized by popular search engines like Google. They will carry out manual submissions so that the process of link building happens naturally. They will also provide various packages for link building so that you can select on that is appropriate for our price and the size of your website.

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Blogging for beginners is a hot subject today as more and more people all over the world want to have blogs of their own and they want to know how to go about things.

What is the big deal with blogging for beginners?

Let us say that you are new to the world of blogging and even though you have read a lot on the subject. But, now that the time has come to set up your own blog, you are stuck as you do not know head or tail of what needs to be done.

How to blog for beginners, is a big question on your mind as you are confused with all the many aspects associated with blogging. Also, you find it real tough to figure out what has to be done, to get started with your ventures in blogging. But the truth is that blogging is a very simple process, even though you may be absolutely new to blogging.

The first thing about blogging for beginners

Before you even venture into blogging, the first thing that you need to do is decide what you are going to blog about. If you do not decide what you want to blog about – you really have no blog at all. After all, that really is what blogging is all about – writing about stuff that you like or things that you are passionate about. Or writing about stuff for various different reasons! So, if you do not know what you want to write, you have no blog.

That is why, the first step for blogging for any beginner, is deciding what he or she wants to blog about. Fact is, you can consider this the most important decision that you will take, when you want to start out as a blogger. Because based on this decision, you will be taking further decisions when you start your blog and begin blogging.

Deciding the topic is vital for blogging for beginners

It is very important that you decide what topic you want to blog about as you will be buying your domain name based on this topic. It is very important that you understand that your domain name, ideally, should be based on the topic on which you want to blog about. This is because search engines pull up domain names, based on their topics.

And, if you want to make your blog popular and get it to appear on the first page of big search engines like Google, then buying a domain name that is relevant to the topic on which you are blogging, is extremely important. Plus, based on the topic that you decide, you will also be deciding what kind of theme you want your blog to have. Getting the right theme is very important as you want to make sure people like your blog and stay on it, read what you have on it and perhaps – even buy stuff from you, if you happen to be selling things on your blog. So, as you can see, it is very important that you first decide what you want to blog about.

The next step for blogging for beginners

Now after you decide your topic, it is time you got your own blog. For this you need a blogging platform. There are many blogging platforms, but the most popular ones are Blogger by Google and WordPress.  The best part is, you can use either of these platforms and start a blog for free.

But if you want to get the best out of your blog, then it is best that you do not use a free blogging platform. So, it is ideal that you buy a domain name as well as web hosting. Now, there are many web hosting service providers online as well as offline and not all of them are reliable. So, do some research online, read some reviews on web hosting companies and when you know for sure that you have found a good web hosting service provider, buy your domain name and hosting from this firm.

Blogging for beginners, the final step

After you have purchased your domain name and web hosting, all you have to is set up your blog in the way that you like, choosing the right theme, etc., and start writing your first blog post. After you are done with your first post, you can then add some pictures or a video to it and then just click on the Publish button and your blog will now be visible online for anyone to see it.

There you go, that is all that you need to know about blogging for beginners, so go ahead and enjoy your blogging experience. If you want to find out more blog tips then visit Find My Blog Way – the blog is dedicated to providing tips and advice to blog owners, blog writers and online marketeers.

Web hosting

If you are penetrating for the best web hosting service for little business or a confidential website, you are likely to come across hundreds of hosting supplier that offer a range of services. It is vital to investigate the market to make sure you are using a first-class hosting service as this can have significant reflection on how a company is professed online. For example, if a website is often down due to use an untrustworthy hosting service, then this will have an awful reflection on commerce and will likely lose a lot of possible customers in the procedure.

Here are some of the key aspects to consider in the search for the best web hosting provider:

Uptime: one of the key features of finding a dependable web hosting supplier relates to the claimed server uptime. In mainly cases, a high-quality hosting company will state an uptime that is in the region of 99-percent. If a hosting corporation is often down, you will probably lose a lot of traffic and visitors, which will of course also impact the latent income that is enjoyed from a victorious online web presence. It will also advantage to check prior customer response and reviews as most of the reliable hosting companies will have numerous satisfied clients. Discovering these positive reviews is usually a case of doing a rapid search online.

Disk Space: a additional key thought is the amount of space a picky hosting plan provides for uploading your videos, images, and files. If a site is more likely to be static with limited interactive features, then you can often get away with needless hosting space. Whereas for a site that is fairly image or video concentrated, it will be essential to utilize a hosting map that offers the necessary space that will be requisite.

Best cheap web host

Whether this is really to meet professional or personal requirements, publishing the site is less costly and simpler than you may think. The website hosts all over board provide the packages and deals for the less than ten dollars per month which don’t limit the amount of the hard disc storage and amount of the bandwidth the site uses. And with most respectable services of web hosting, you really get the one click installation of the range of the ecommerce, forum and the blogging scripts. And the site can really be running and up fast with no having to reimburse the fortune. In this article you will get the information about the cheap web host. Some of the cheap web hosts are mentioned below.

The blue host

For 6.95 dollars per month, you really get the unlimited server space and the free name of domain for life and c panel with all one click installations of the script everybody has come to really expect. The quality, united States based support is obtainable all over clock must you require this with the average hold time of the thirty seconds. Great of all, you do not have to take tension about the other users abusing the resources of the system and slowing down the website, due to this host provides its hosting protection resource free to the users.

Host Gator

This is the other cheap web host. This provides best and high quality services to its users. Several of hosting plans are provided by this company to meet approximately all types of the requirements.



Web hosting review

If you would like to setup the internet business or web hosting, first thing is to search several different hosts of site and packages of hosting that they provide. Having the best, dependable site host is the very significant foundation for anybody very serious about the development of site. The best host will really keep the site up and functioning and offer you best support on fitting features which you would like to look working on the website. In this article, you will get the web hosting review.


To have the site online, the designer of web should have the host of web. the hosting of site is offered by the individual or company who really has make the server of computer capable of  saving the files of site and responding to the outside requests designed by the traffic of internet to look these files of the site. The designer of site will make and send files of site or install the scripts of site on server of host. Host will really be liable for keeping server monitoring, running functions of server, space of hard disk and the usage of CPU and sometime making the backups of the data for the safekeeping.


The different hosts of web offer different kinds of the packages of hosting. Some packages of web hosting will offer more things than the others, relying on the price. Several provide the features which aid to make the site, like tools of the site building and free templates. The other famous features comprise support for running the scripts like front page, Perl, Python and ruby on the rails.



Which is best website hosting service for the small business of eCommerce?

Finding the dependable and best company of hosting for the site of ecommerce is not though as there’re hundreds of organizations and firms obtainable. However, you must select the company which provides versatility for most affordable cost. Opening the website of ecommerce takes previous planning and thinking, as the site will really be complicated, and this will require being capable to control the traffic and audience in the effective manner.

You must be very sure that company or organization you do select provides high SSL. That type of the site will require dealing with the issues of security to keep the data of credit card safe and really have the different features of shopping cart obtainable.


Select the company of web hosting which provides the SSL protocol for the website of ecommerce. That makes sure safety of the use of credit card on a site. The certification of the SSL allows the browser to examine certificate of a site earlier than opening this, and really encrypt any information and data imputed in a site which this goes out on a server, just allowing this to be really opened by a key of a receiver or website ecommerce administrative personnel. If that company gives this feature then you can say that you are getting the best web hosting service. You should search for the extra services of the webhost provider such as the help or the templates in the issues of web design.


How you can get best free website hosting

Everybody’s on internet in the current era, from the grandmothers sharing the recipes to child down street whose site details the services of babysitting. Take a plunge and make the site, you would not have to reimburse the one dollar. Several companies provide the best free web hosting. If you would like to promote the business or want to stay in the touch with the friends and members of family, getting the free site is really few clicks far. In this article, you will get the information about how you can get the best free website hosting.

  • You should check whether the provider of internet service previously provides you the free site. Several times a company which links you to internet not just provides you many addresses of email with the account, however provides you the space of web as well. if the provider of internet service provides website hosting then get specifics of deal, even though there is no additional charges and you may end up with the tough restriction on the space or the clumsy long URL.
  • You should use the famous companies of web hosting such as the Geocities, bravenet and the free webs. Earlier than sign up, you should get details on exactly what you are obtaining for absolutely free of cost. Sometimes you will get the web page on massive directory of the sites of host for absolutely free of cost, however if you would like your name of domain then you will have to reimburse.